Monarch Shores Posts Huge Growth in 2016

Monarch Shores helps individuals who suffer from substance abuse overcome their addiction problems. Based in San Juan Capistrano, California, they are focused on giving their most beneficial and corrective experience at a troubling point in their client’s existence. With a group of expert doctors, physician’s assistants, therapists, and others, they customize treatment plan .

they will present their clients with a resting environment and medical care available at all hours. They will make sure their clients feel safe and secure at Monarch Shores. They specialize in a wide variety of treatment strategies including both 12-step and non-12 step and different holistic methods. Their facilities are created for busy individuals who do not with to miss out on work.  Unlike some other treatment centers they allow cell phones and laptops.

They have a media room with access to computers, scanners and fax machines. If you need quiet, they have study rooms and offices. Meeting with clients can be done on nights and weekends too.

The setting is pristine. Their clients can relax along the gorgeous hill, watching over the wondrous southern California landscape. Year round temperature is 73-degrees. They house no be more than 6 clients at Monarch Shores in their 4 treatment facilities. For those who require aftercare services, they will provide a post-recovery plan, which will increases chances of staying sober.  For those who are cost conscious they accept most PPO policies. Monarch Shores is one of the premier centers specializing inpatient detox in San Diego CA area.

Monarch Shores in 2016

The company started in 2013 with one six-bed treatment center. Over the next couple of years they acquired three more six-bed homes. In early 2016 they acquired three more six-bed homes. In March Monarch Shores added an eighteen-bed outpatient treatment center. In less than one year they grew by 150%.

Explosive Growth

How did Monarch Shores manage to grow at such an astounding rate in such a short time? They credit their growth to savvy digital marketing strategies that were implemented in late 2015, especially PPC (pay-per-call) adverting particularly through Google and Bing.

The alcohol and drug addiction treatment field is extremely competitive. Most companies rely on paid search campaigns which  have sent pay-per-click costs skyrocketing, Monarch Shores has found a way to utilize paid search by cutting significantly their  costs. Of course, they’re keeping mum about it.

Organic Private Label Manufacturer

Private Label Skin Care Labs is one of the top private label skin care manufacturers in the United States. It creates custom made formulas and products for large brands and small businesses. It specializes in skin care, bath & body, hair products, nail polish and tanning solutions. Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan it serves clients throughout the United States and some abroad.

How it became a top private label nail polish manufacturer

Making a name in the beauty industry is not easy. There are a lot of established private label skin care companies that have been around for a long time. When the founders of Private Label Skin Care Labs decided to enter this industry they knew they had to be different from their competitors in order to become successful. They had focused in three areas: creating winning formulas, industry certifications and marketing.

In the private label skin care industry most small companies purchase from a catalog and put their label on the product. Essentially, they’re selling the same product as their competition. While they’re still a lot of margins to be made there isn’t anything unique about their product. If the manufacturer decides to discontinue or make changes to the product the client has no say whatsoever and stands to lose. Private Label Skin Care Labs prefers to create premium and unique products for each client. Their clients are not offering the same exact product as their competitors which gives them an edge.

As a private label skin care manufacturer, one could be making the best products on the market but unless you’ve had a working relationship with them you probably wouldn’t know it. As a newcomer to the market, they decided to get the highest industry certifications. Initially, the manufacturing facility where they have their products made became an FDA certified lab followed by USDA Certified Organic and most recently they obtained COSMOS standard certification. These certifications alone put them above most other private label skin care manufacturing companies.

They could develop the best formulas and have the most prestigious certifications but if enough people don’t know about them they probably won’t succeed. This is what the owners knew. They knew they had to market their company pretty aggressively. How to do that on a limited budget is another matter. They looked into three different advertising avenues.
1. Industry publications
2. Trade shows
3. Internet marketing

They quickly decided that advertising their business in industry publications wouldn’t yield fast results. Trade shows typically work well but they’re few and far in-between and can be costly. They chose to advertise online. By properly positioning their business and getting first page search engine rankings for relevant terms they were able to get customers they wanted to attract to come to them. This proved to be a big win for them. New customers started to come after just a few months. Now, they employ other marketing methods but this is their primary method of attracting new clients.

To find out what goes into making a skin care product just watch the video below.

Detroit DUI Lawyer

There are approximately 1.3 million attorneys nationwide. Michigan ranks number 17 with most active attorneys per capita. It has about 35,000 active lawyers or 35 lawyers per 10,000. That is a lot of lawyers. Michigan has just under 10 million residents. Of that about 4.3 million live in Metro Detroit. Now, imagine how many attorneys live in Metro Detroit. So, how does a lawyer in the Detroit area become successful?

Many lawyers think that it’s best to specialize in different areas of the law. The more specialties the greater the pool of potential clients. True, but in real life it doesn’t always work like that.

When the owner of first got out of law school he decided to on his own and specialize in a wide range of legal matters. He opened a firm with a law school friend shortly after getting their JD. They quickly realized that making a lot of money was difficult as competition was very stiff and every other lawyer  was offering the same legal services. After a few years of grueling work, Mr. Adams decided to specialize in one area of law. He chose to specialize in DUI offenses in Detroit.  His goal was to become the top Detroit DUI lawyer.

He spent many many hours researching this specialty and poured a lot of his resources until he became proficient in this area. He spent a lot of money on internet marketing and making his website appear on the first page of Google when potential clients search for the term top Detroit DUI attorney.

After a few months his website achieved first page search engine rankings and a large number of people started to visit his website. He started to receive a lot of inquires for his services. He was able to increase his business threefold in just over one year. DUI  laws in our state of tough and Mr. Adams is well positioned to help people who are in need of a DUI attorney.

Plastic Surgeon Success Story

How Detroit SEO Company helped Rhinoplasty Michigan quickly capture new business.

Imagine this scenario. You’re a newly minted plastic surgeon in Michigan. You’re done with medical school, residency, fellowships, board exams an everything else that is required to become a plastic surgeon. All the hard work and insance hours you had to endure just to get to this point. The hard work is done
and you can start your career and make the big bucks.

But, what if that dream job is not there for you. What if you have over $500,000 in student loan debt. What if you had to move to a place you didn’t care move to and work for less than you know you’re worth?
This is what a Michigan man faced during the Great Recession. Moving was never an option for him. Yet, he couldn’t find a job he wanted. The only ‘viable’ option to him seemed to start his own practice. Which meant he would increase his debt load.

Cosmetic surgery is elective and most insurance companies don’t cover such procedures. And, consumers tend to cut back on such procedures during periods of financial uncertainty starting a cosmetic surgery practice with no financial backing and with more then $500,000 in debt sounds like a pretty crazy thing to do.

While most new surgeons would refrain from making such a move this surgeon wasn’t ready for what was to come.
Luckily for him, one of his high school friends was the owner of a top SEO companies in Michigan. His SEO friend did extensive research and showed him what was possible. He provided data such as how many people search Google for a specific cosmetic surgery procedure in a given month in a given geographical location.

He explained to his surgeon friend approximately how many people would visit his website if they get first page rankings. Further, by optimizing his website for maximum conversions they were even able to predict his monthly revenue.

Fast forward two years and this young surgeon build a legitimate business which takes other surgeons a decade to build. He decided to specialize in two areas and use the power of the internet to attract new business that otherwise would be going to his competitors.

Watch the video below for more information.